Mental Health

Mental Health

Although anxiety in children can be a frequent occurrence, when it is constant and disrupts their usual routine, then it becomes apparent that there is an underlying issue of mental health that needs to be addressed. Having no desire to form friendships, dislike attending school, and suffering from insomnia are some symptoms of mental health disorder and particularly of childhood anxiety disorder. Social Phobia Treatment is available from local doctors, so you shouldn’t worry.

support and a feeling of security from loved ones can help children with anxiety. However, childhood anxiety disorder needs to be attended to by a doctor if the child is to live a mentally healthy life. One such childhood anxiety disorder is obsessive compulsive disorder or (OCD). The characteristics of this disorder includes them doing something in a constant and repetitive fashion, like washing their hands over and over or having to be checking  if a door is closed over and over in an obsessive way|This disorder includes a symptom such as doing something in a constant and repetitive fashion, like washing their hands over and over}.

There is also Generalized Anxiety Disorder or (GAD). This condition of mental health disorder, makes them worry about being in perfect existence, which is how they are perceived in school, extra-curricular activities, and how they look appearance-wise.

There are also separation anxiety disorder in total to the separate disorders. This type of disorder usually manifests itself during their preschool years; however, such mental disorder is not specific only to that age group and therefore can and/or does extend to their later childhood years.

Children go through this type of anxiety when faced with an unfamiliar situation and people they are not accustomed to. They react in a very negative way when they are separated from their loved individuals, and are occasionally inconsolable when they have to be out of their presence, especially for an extended period of time.

Some childhood anxiety disorders manifest themselves as precise phobias.  They are scared of such things as darkness, blood, heights, and thunderstorms.

When a disturbing scene, such as a burglary or automobile accident, is witnessed personally, a child can sometimes suffer form post-traumatic stress disorder. To stop symptoms of mental disorder such as anxiousness, bad dreams, insomnia, and constant reminders of the occurrence due to post-traumatic stress disorder, a child needs to undergo psychoanalysis.

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