Vasectomy Reversal Alternatives – A Second Chance For Having A Baby With Your Partner Made Likely

Many men perform a vasectomy to prevent unwanted pregnancy in their female partners, but occasionally situations change and the couple would like to have a child. Despite what you might hear, a reversal is possible, not to mention there is a large range of vasectomy reversal alternatives that might help produce the results you desire which is a child. With so many options and techniques offered these days, the reality of having a child isn’t as far-fetched as one might think.

Usually the first step in reversing a vasectomy is, obviously, vasectomy reversal operation. However, such surgeries are not a sure thing. Depending on which reversal surgery you choose or must have due to your personal circumstance, it may have a lower success rate.

Keep in mind that reversal surgery is the initial step in restoring the male’s basic reproductive functions. But if the operation fails or just isn’t ideal for you for some reason, there are still several vasectomy reversal alternatives for a couple to have a baby. Some alternatives don’t even involve surgery at although they do still require some medical intervention.

One such approach is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), which involves incubating a male’s sperm and a female’s ovum into a culture medium until till it forms into an embryo. From there the embryo is implanted back into the female where it can attach to the uterine wall and develop. This way of pregnancy is not guaranteed however. Pregnancy rates for IVF are low. This process is relatively new and needs much preparation and a lot of luck to work on the first attempt, making it a low choice as a reversal alternative. Actually, you would be very lucky to have it work with only two attempts as three is the average.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injections is a different well-known and some believe, better alternative to some of the options out there and is regarded as a form of IVF. This method consists of injecting an egg with a single sperm cell. Not only has it been shown to be more successful, but it also has less preparation needs then in vitro fertilization. Normally with IVF the female partner must undergo an invasive technique to retrieve the eggs and must take drugs to ensure that the process has the best chance of success by producing more than one egg simultaneously.

Either of the above cases is going to need the retrieval of the sperm by needle from the testes as spermatozoa will not be available due to the sterilization operation. This is a good reason to pay extra to have a sample obtained during the sterilization operation and then put “on ice”.

Whichever process you prefer, they all come at a price. That price tag can vary depending upon many things. IVF can range anywhere from $8000 to $15,000 for each cycle. Realize that it is very likely to take more than one try to be pregnant with IVF.

The average cost of vasectomy reversal surgery in the United States is about $10,000. There will, certainly, be those doctors who offer the technique for less and those who offer it for much more. Be sure to consult your doctor for all your alternatives. Not only will your doctor have more options for you, he will know what are the best vasectomy reversal alternatives that will give you the best chance.

Remember, too, that if you wife needs to have a tubal ligation reversal, some of the above information will apply to her as well.  Be sure to check out various sources about tubal reversal surgery and collect the information you need before making any decisions.

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