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5 SuperFoods You Must Eat !

super food Super foods are the future!

We all know that a super foods list is vitally important to survive. Having a super foods list should be a number one concern for the healthy food eating enthusiasts out there. What are SuperFoods?

Well, in a nutshell, the obvious answer to this is: They are super healthy foods that your body needs!

Here are the Top 5 Healthiest Foods in the World:

Olive Oil (Spain) If olive oil is rich in fat, then why is it looked at as healthy? The chief fat component found in every type of olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs).

Believe it or not, MUFAs are in reality considered a very healthy dietary fat. If your personal diet stresses unsaturated fats, such as MUFAs and polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs), rather than saturated fats and trans fats, you may acquire certain health benefits that pertain to your body.

Soy (Japan)

Why should I try this? Soy that has a high amount of protein is considered to have large amounts of isoflavones, estrogen-like contents associated with cancer prevention including osteoporosis.

However, the largest point that sticks out the most with Soy are the thousands of tests and studies that have been done proving without a doubt that Soy is amazing for your heart heath! Why say anything more? That alone should mandate you to include soy as a major part and contributor to you Super foods list. One draw back is that studies have also shown that high levels of soy may increase the risk of breast cancer in women in the USA, especially ones with a past history of this disease. I would suggest to have a quick talk with your nutritionalist before consuming allot of soy or at least find out how much soy is safe with out going overboard.

Yogurt (Greece)

A large majority of us look at Yogurt as a “sugary, sweet fun snack“.. but, there is something about yogurt many of us Do Not know about. Yogurt has been literally constitutional in the traditional Greece diet for Centuries! Why should I include this to my super foods list? Well, for starters, Yogurt vastly elevates and promotes healthy intestinal and vaginal balance. It strengthens your lactose intolerant system, increases the strength of your bone structure, improves immunity, tightens the leash on the blood pressure and may even have anti-cancer/weight-loosing effects. We do, however, suggest going with the lower fat version in your supermarket.

Lentils (India) For Americans, the “almighty hamburger” is our comfort food. For India, we are looking at “Lentils” as there snack treat. Definitely on the super food list because of the protein and cholesterol lowering ability with soluble fiver and literally 2 times as much iron as legumes. Lentils are known to have some of the most highest concentrates of Vitamin B’s and Foliate, which is great for women during pregnancy (known to reduce child-birth defects) Also, to note, Lentils act like an antioxidant helping to protect against heart disease, cancer, and our aging process in a whole. A super food for sure!

Kimchi (Korea) A Super food favorite in Korea. Very spicy (as most Korean food is) much of the country eats this food preferred over cheese. Loaded with tons of great vitamins A, B, and C. However, the strongest character about Kimchi is the “healthy bacteria” it contains. Healthy bacteria, you might ask, is good for your digestion. It is needed to help STOP and or prevent yeast infections.

There you have it ! Our top 5 Super foods that you should consider adding to your Super foods List! Please feel free to comment and/or add to this list as you feel fit!

Thank You !

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