Lose Weight Naturally and Stop Fighting Yourself

While it may seem hard to lose weight naturally, it’s really a matter of how you think about it. One way of looking at it you may not have tried is building a custom weight loss program rather than following a pre-existing diet. Why is this a good idea?

When you read a diet book, it’s not aimed at you personally. Everyone is receiving exactly the same recommendations from these experts. In the same way, exercise programs tell you which exercises to do and how often. The problem is, people are all different How often have you heard conflicting advice from different experts, each with hundreds of testimonials saying how great the system is? The trick is designing a system that’s for you.

You’ll almost certainly fail if you’re told to abstain from your favorite dishes, or are told you have to eat your least favorites. For example, some people naturally take to a vegetarian diet, while others find that it weakens them and makes them feel like they’re missing their favorite foods. When it comes to exercise, if you have to force yourself to do things you hate, you probably won’t stick with it for long.

The idea is that you will have to modify some of your habits, but you can do this while keeping your basic nature intact rather than making yourself be someone you’re not. If your favorite food is pasta, for example, rather than try to force yourself to go on a no-carbs diet, why not find a healthier type of pasta you don’t mind eating and cut down on your portions? Rather than force yourself to go to the gym (if you hate it), find something that’s enjoyable, which could be swimming, playing tennis or dancing. The trick is to do things that motivate you and that seem more like playing than hard work, the way children like to run around.

Many people feel that losing weight means doing things that they dislike, as if they have to punish themselves. This new mindset, then, involves taking into account who you are and not trying to change that, while making healthy shifts within that framework. You can really lose weight naturally if you follow this approach.

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