Infrared Sauna Safety Compared to Traditional Saunas

Infrared Saunas vs. Traditional Saunas

An infrared sauna uses electromagnetic power to directly heat your body. Consequently, infrared saunas don’t use electricity and steam which are discovered in the traditional saunas. The infrared radiation rays travel with a certain wavelength and they can be used to heat an object by exciting its molecules. This is the same principle that applies in infrared saunas where the rays are aimed to a specific object inside the sauna at very low levels which has the capability to heat without causing any harm. Infrared saunas have a lot of health benefits and some consequences if the security measures are not adopted as instructed.

Infrared saunas are gaining popularity in homes and accommodations considering that they are low cost to install compared to traditional sauna. There are no special tools, plumbing or electric work are needed and any homeowner can install within an hour. These saunas normally reach the operating temperatures within thirty minutes compared traditional saunas which reach to operating heat in more than an hour. Therefore, the fast warm up time will not only save you energy but also time and money. In addition, a common infrared sauna will eat the same energy as a vacuum cleaner making it more cost effective than traditional saunas which require a lot of kilowatts in one session.

The other matter that make infrared more popular than traditional saunas is its health benefits with minimum side impacts. The advantages of infrared include pain relief, weight loss and lowering blood pressure. The  other added benefits of infrared include aiding in the treatment of cellulites, improving your immune system, improving your strength and vitality, strengthens the cardio vascular system, detoxifies the body, relieving strain, and also aids in treating the following conditions burns up, scars, bronchitis, hives, gout, tissue damage and prostate gland hypertrophy. Infrared sauna can aids in curing include eczema, psoriasis and acne.

So is an Infrared Saunas Safe to Use?

There have been questions if infrared saunas are safe. Infrared saunas are very safe if all the safeguards are followed to the letter. When compared with conventional saunas I find them very safe, traditional saunas use very high temperatures that can even cause burns.  Infrared saunas can achieve the same positive aspects as traditional saunas with lower temps and, Consequently, they can be used by the elderly and young men and women. Infrared saunas are very clean as there is no high humidity level which mostly characterizes the traditional saunas. The high humidity level creates a haven for development of molds and mildew which are not healthy.
The only side effects that you can experience in an infrared sauna are getting too hot, dehydration, depleting your electrolyte or vitamins and minerals through sweating and the impacts of mobilized toxins. It is important to note that the above side impact can affects anyone making use of saunas and it does not make any difference which type they are working with. Therefore, this doesn’t make traditional saunas better than infrared saunas.

When it comes to security of infrared saunas there is no need to fear because they are clinically tested and proven. As a result, to assure that you are safe to use a sauna it is advisable to first seek advice from your doctor and when making use of it make sure you have read all the instruction carefully.

Bearing the over details in mind it will be sensible to conclude that Infrared saunas are superior to traditional saunas.

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