Can the Sun Allow you to Stop MS?

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For the last few decades we have talked about very little else other than why you have to stay away from sunlight. We thoroughly understand the risks connected with it and do everything we can think of to keep it away from us. We don countless layers of the largest SPF sunscreens that we can buy. We wear massive floppy hats. We put on long pants along with sleeves even through the hottest months of the year. We do our best to remain only in the shady areas–some have even started carrying parasols and umbrellas all over so that their skin never comes into contact with direct sunlight. Now we’re starting to discover that sunlight can sometimes be quite helpful. Can direct sunlight truly help you?

A new study has been completed and it demonstrates that people who allow some time in direct sunlight aren’t as likely to get MS as the people who do everything they can to keep out of the sun. Originally the research was to see how Vitamin D affected the indications of Multiple Sclerosis. It didn’t take much time for them to realize that it is the Vitamin D our bodies make after exposure to sunshine that is at the center of the issue.

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It has been recognized for a long time that the sunshine and Vitamin D can be used to hinder the abnormal immune system workings that are thought to contribute to MS. This study, on the other hand, focuses on the affects of sunshine on people who are experiencing the very earliest symptoms of the disease. The real objective is to observe how sunlight and Vitamin D may affect the symptoms that are now known as “precursors” to the actual disease symptoms.

Unfortunately there are not really a lot of ways of really quantify the hypothesis of the study. The objective of the study is to determine whether sunlight can actually prevent the disease. Sadly, the only real way to quantify whether or not this is accurate is to monitor a person over his or her entire life. This is only way that it is possible to assess and fully grasp the levels of Vitamin D that exist in a person’s blood before the precursors of the disease show up. The way it is now, people who get typical exposure to the sun appear to experience fewer symptoms of MS than those who live in colder or darker climates–which isn’t new news.

There is also the very significant issue that spending too much time in the sunlight greatly increases a person’s chances of developing skin cancer. So, if you make an effort to prevent one disease, you may be helping to induce the other one. Of course, should you catch skin cancer early enough you are far more likely to cure it. MS even now has no cure.

So should you get more sunshine to avoid MS from setting in? Your doctor may help you determine whether or not this is a plan for you. Your health care provider will look into your current state of health and fitness, your health history and even into your genetics to help you figure out if you even sit at risk for the disease at all. From there your doctor will help uou figure out the best ways to keep the disease at bay.

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