Alternative Exercises and Routines For Weight Loss




Although this site is a strong proponent of running as an exercise to achieve fitness and health, it recognizes the fact that there are alternative forms of fitness exercises, and that these also have a large following. Additionally, it is widely accepted that runners, in order to achieve a “rounded” development, should ”mix up” their running routines, that is, combine them with other forms of exercise. This provides” variety” and facilitates the maintenance by runners, of a high level of motivation.

Recognizing also that the overall motif of this site is the attainment of physical fitness and health in general (regardless of the form of exercise used to achieve this), and in order not to be seen as “discriminating” against non-runners, the site will provide relevant information on other exercise activities as well, by, among other things, furnishing links to the most popular alternate forms of exercises. This will provide a kind of “one stop shopping”, as visitors, more often than not, will not have to navigate away from this site to search elsewhere for information on these alternate exercises.

It must be understood that it will be physically impossible to include every form of exercise and to provide all information about every one. Choices will therefore have to be made at this stage. It has been decided to go along at first with the most popular “body building” exercises and therefore, the exercises presented here are mostly  of the “best sellers” variety, and only a few of these can be accommodated. Many of these have been widely reviewed and testimonials provided in many instances. These, more often than not, can be found along with the relevant information about these exercises.

Where special equipment is needed for these exercises, links will also be provided to the most popular places for obtaining such equipment. Information on necessary supporting requirements such as proper dieting, is also provided.

Although everyone’s requirements and “tastes” are different, it is hoped that enough choices are presented here that you will be able to find among them, something that meets your personal needs and satisfaction.

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