The Running Man

My name is Gladstone Taylor and I was born in a small town called LUCEA in Jamaica, a country noted for world record times in running. It is also the land of Red Stripe beer and reggae music, both of which relate very well to the sun, sea and sand elements in what is advertised as a tourist mecca. One perception is that if you are born in a large country, you are overwhelmed by the vastness and so remain there; while, if you are born in a small island country, the limitation of space is perceived as incarceration, liberation is off the island and running away from this as soon as possible, becomes a very intense design – an obligation almost! – at least, that was how I felt at that time. Later, an entirely reversed perspective prevailed, and many years later, was to result in my return to Jamaica – running back so to speak! But more of that anon!

Running Away

True to form, after “enduring and passing through” the character shaping rigors of a Roman Catholic school at the elementary level (St. Georges College), I sought the “adventurous” life overseas and went to Canada (McMaster University, B.Sc. Degree in Chemistry, University of British Columbia, M.Sc. degree.). During that time I joined the Canadian Navy as a Reserve for four years. Leaving Canada I spent ten years teaching High School science at a Canadian NATO Force establishment in Zweibrucken, a small village in Germany. The hills, valleys and and numerous woodland trails, provided me the perfect opportunity to indulge myself in my favorite pastime – running for fitness and health. Returning to Jamaica and to the University of the West Indies, I became entrenched in academia, earning a Ph.D. degree (Physical Chemistry) and Masters Degrees and Diplomas in such diverse areas as Accounting, Government and Management.

I have always had an interest in crime, but did not want a life OF crime. Getting as close as possible to actually pursuing this interest without running afoul of the law , I chose a life IN crime and studied Forensic Science, later becoming the Director of the Forensic Science Laboratory.

I have served on numerous international committees, boards and organizations and was recognized for my work in science with a national honors award.

My hobbies are music, philosophy and of course physical fitness. As a young man, I had a passion for physical fitness and, in particular running, in which I indulged by becoming a member of my High School Track Team, and for which exercise activity, to the present day, I still retain a strong commitment. I am to be seen in the very early hours of the mornings, running with joy, around the university campus. My enthusiasm for this activity has earned me – perhaps efficaciously – an appellation as the Running Man. I run for fitness and health and – quite literally – for my life!

Running for Life

Running is for life and GIVES life and wellbeing! – running certainly extends it! – and, luckily I am “blessed” with two children, a son (Sebastian) and a daughter (Zoya), both of whom reside in Oslo, Norway, and whom, presumably beneficiaries of my running genes, also run for life.

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Email: vtaylor@cwjamaica.com
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