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Running For Fitness And Health

Wellbeing is achieved through fitness and health. To be fit and healthy requires a judicious (read proper!) combination of three routines, namely, exercise, diet and rest. Fitness and health industries are now experiencing a business boom due to the sheer number of people who want to be healthy, fit and slim. Would’nt you rush to join a fitness gym or take on a fitness and health program to become fit and slim, if you heard that the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, etc., is significantly increased by obesity?

However, not everyone can sustain the expensive gym memberships, can undertake rigid and demanding exercise routines, has time to run on a treadmillor lift weights, and can maintain the substitute diets being

Weight Loss

marketed for those who need to lose weight and become fit and slim. They therefore have to look for other fitness and health activities and healthy dieting foods – activities which are “fit and fun”  supported by healthy dieting recipes. Lack of time, discipline and will, has led many to seek an omnibus design for fitness and health, some kind of “quick fix” methods for becoming fit and slim, like using so-called “”miracle diets”, or, instead of going to fitness and health gyms, take “weight loss” pills. Mark you, although losing weight (if you are indeed very much overweight and want to “slim – up”) is important to maintain one’s fitness and health, it must be realized that dieting is only one element in the mix, and does not mean that you eat less, but rather, that you eat healthy dieting foods.

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No Shortcuts to becoming fit and slim

There are no shortcuts to achieving optimum fitness and health – you do not become fit and slim overnight and fit into that slim fit suit, if that is what you seek! – and, it is quite common for people to never complete a program they initially undertook firstly, because of the lack of discipline; secondly, because the focus was not present; and, thirdly, the lack of


proper diet and some kind of a fitness program. This site is to help you to follow through with your resolve to attain your desired level of fitness and health – to get to the size of “fit and slim” you desire; to help you to develop and maintain the necessary discipline to see a fitness and health program through and to focus on your ultimate goal of being fit and healthy, and – no pun intended! – to fit into those slim fit shirts. We will do this through tips and simple but effective guides to keep you determined and disciplined. If running as a form of exercise for example, is what you choose, we will provide you with tips about running from beginners to marathoners.

Slim and Fit – Exercising for Fitness, Health and Wellbeing

This site will try to assist you in choosing or developing an exercise regimen. Not every exercise or “workout” routine suits everyone equally and you

Exercising for Health and Fitness

must determine what harmonizes you best. It could be one kind of activity, e.g. swimming, or a combination of more than one, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, etc and jogging, and so on. One requirement of this though, should be that you actually like and enjoy the physical activity, i.e., fit and fun, as that way it will keep your interest and strengthen your resolve to keep on your fitness and health road towards wellbeing. There are lots of activities which (because we ENJOY them we don’t see as “exercise”!) can get your muscles working out, like dancing, jogging, brisk walking, and even when doing household chores and running errands,and which will get you to be fit and slim.

Dieting For Health and Fitness

The cliché is that “you are what you eat”. Eating is most important to your fitness and health and so this site will emphasize and inform on matters relating to dieting which provide support

Healthy Dieting

for a healthy living. You will continuously be reminded that, although healthy dieting is essential  for fitness and a healthy life, you don’t have to eat fancy, healthy foods which you cannot easily prepare, but to remember to count the calories you take in. With a busy daily schedule, you can have snacks (although this suggests junk foods to many!) because there are some really excellent dieting snacks available!

For more information, guides and tips on these and related matters, please visit the Site Directory and in particular Fitness And Health: The Fashioning Of Wellbeing.

Resting and Healing

Proper rest is key to maintaining fitness and health – rest for both mind and body! Your body and mind need rejuvenation. They need to recover from the expenditure of “energy” utilized in the activities in which we engage. Both physical activity and stress are regular outcomes of daily life and any job. Studies show that while some people feel fine with just five hours of sleep a night, many need eight or more hours. Failing to get enough rest at night disrupts our body processes, reduces our mental capabilities and makes us lose concentration. Stress can greatly affect our body’s normal function. A stress-free mind is often linked to an active and healthy body, but a mind riddled with problems more often than not leads to deterioration in health. Stressful conditions should either be avoided or ameliorated as much as possible. This site will point out some danger signs and provide useful suggestions on coping mechanisms for the causes of stress and with the symptoms for stress.

Promoting Family Values

Fitness and health is important to family structure, cohesion and wellbeing. Therefore, in promoting fitness and health, we also will be promoting the importance of family bonding and wellness, as being fit, healthy and functioning reduces the liabilities on the family purse, allows more time for family physical activities and therefore more bonding with family.

Fitness and Health – Motivation and Proper Choice of Exercise

Working towards health and fitness is not really the arduous job that everybody seem to think it is. The hard part is often the start and the realization that the effectiveness of a health and fitness regimen, ultimately depends on your ability and willingness to choose the precise and relevant exercise, the right food and, the needed amount of rest. It’s really not only about the recipe (exercise, diet and rest), but about your desire to BE fit and healthy.

Running – The Exercise of Choice for Fitness, Health

The Runner Exults

and Wellbeing

Although the intention of weight loss (to become fit and slim) is one of the reasons why many people take up running, it is also precisely why many people do not run. Either they are already so overweight (obese) and running is not a viable action to them at that stage (could precipitate a serious medical problem!), or, they feel so self-conscious about their size, that they keep away from the track (people). Wanting to lose weight however, they resort to such means as diet pills, extreme dieting regimes, including eating almost nothing, etc, hoping perhaps later to start running. Weight loss pills (though many people are strong defenders of these!) and such, are not the best options for losing weight. However, this site will take a broad spectrum view of people, and provide some tips on these options, but continue to encourage the adoption of running as one of the best options for becoming fit and slim, for achieving wellbeing, and for the enjoyment of a life of fitness and health.

For more information, guides and tips on these and related matters, please visit the Site Directory and in particular Fitness And Health: The Fashioning Of Wellbeing.

Although the site places particular emphasis on running for fitness and health – fit and slim! – it is appreciated that running does not necessarily stop at itself, but also, forms a part of other sporting undertaking. The triathlon, for example, is increasing in popularity, and marathons are well established races taking places all over the world, and a large of ordinary people (non- professionals who simply enjoy the sport) also participate in these races. In this respect therefore, for those who want to go somewhat beyond “ordinary” running routines, you could follow this up with various routines offered for a triathlon, endurance sports and for fitness and nutrition issues. You can enhance the benefits of running to become fit and slim and healthy dramatically by adding other kinds of exercises which offer to excite the super conscious part of your brain, improve your concentration and memory, and reduce stress.

On the other hand, if you are in a hurry,and doing the lighter side of things, you can get some “crash” courses, which in as little as 6 weeks, undertake to build up running strength and speed, improve running efficiency and reduce the risk of running injuries. There are also guides on how to start running, avoid common running mistakes, how to enjoy your training as you get fitter and stronger and lose weight – all in just 6 weeks! Or, if you are in a real hurry for the big times, you might wish to undertake a training program for faster marathon times and a reduction in training injuries which frequently occur in similar circumstances. This site provides tips on avoiding and treating running injuries.

This site is not offering itself as a substitute for running exercises and training activities. For those who are really seeking fitness and health, and who want to lose weight and be fit and slim, there are several superb training courses and exercise routines out there for beginners and advanced runners. Rather, it is to better help you get through them.


Being” is a combination of the physical, mental and psychological “selves” within us. To achieve overall “wellbeing” is to reach high levels of “health” in our physical, mental and psychological selves. Hence, in promoting wellbeing, relevant information, guidance, tips, etc.,  are provided on matters of General Health, Physical Health and Mental Health.

Although we strongly promote running as the exercise of choice for losing weight and for overall fitness and health, we also suggest Alternate Exercises and Routines and draw your attention to Health Products Ads and Health Products Reviews.


For more information, guides and tips on these and related matters, please visit the Site Directory and in particular Fitness And Health: The Fashioning Of Wellbeing.

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